Veterinary Dental Health Care

Just as it is for ourselves, maintaining a healthy smile is very important for our pets.

A comprehensive dental exam is part of every annual check up here at Aspen Animal Hospital. If you feel, however, that your pet may be experiencing some dental discomfort or symptoms of dental disease, please do not hesitate to schedule a dental check up at any time. Some symptoms of dental disease include persistent bad breath, pawing at the mouth, loss of appetite, difficulty chewing, missing teeth or bleeding/inflamed gums.

We offer a variety of dental services at our vet clinic including teeth scaling and polishing, fluoride treatments, digital dental radiographs and tooth extractions. Our dental services do require a full general anesthetic in order to be performed and as with our other general surgeries, every precaution is taken to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort before, after and during their procedure.

Why can't my pet stay awake for their dental work?