Why Join Us

Our veterinary team has a range of expertise, including veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, registered animal health technologists and support staff, who are all deeply committed to providing the pets of southwest Calgary with the best care. A variety of medical treatments and technologies are incorporated into our practice, allowing us to serve our pet patients’ diverse needs. Our practice offers services like primary care, emergency medicine, surgery and holistic therapies, which provides you with countless opportunities to develop your areas of expertise and expand your veterinary knowledge. Though we are a small practice, we offer a lot of the same services you would find in a hospital twice our size. As advocates for holistic and preventative care, we hope you’ll help us continue our commitment to maintaining the health and happiness of our pet patients. 

Southwest Calgary is the perfect place to live, with our expansive green space giving reprieve from the surrounding concrete and family attractions. When you’re away from the office, we recommend visiting Edworthy Park, which gives you access to picturesque views of the Bow River. The park is accessible during all seasons for your enjoyment in the warmer and colder months. We also recommend visiting the Heritage Park Historical Village, one of Canada’s largest living museums, which gives a peek into the rich history of the land we’re proud to call home. In addition to lively attractions, our city has a variety of shops, entertainment, restaurants and scenery for you to enjoy. 

How to Join Us

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