Behavioural Counselling

If your pet is suddenly more aggressive or relentlessly barking at strangers, behavioural counselling could give them the support they need. Changes in behaviour could be a sign of an underlying health issue, which our team can help with. Our team will work alongside you to determine the best strategies to help address your pet’s behavioural issues.

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What’s the first step in assessing my pet’s behaviour issues?

Our veterinary team will start by assessing your pet’s overall health to determine if their problematic behaviour is their way of expressing an underlying issue. After a physical exam and diagnostics like bloodwork, our team will be able to diagnose any health issues. 

How can behavioural counselling help my pet?

Behavioural counselling can help curb unwanted behaviour. For example, aggression is one of the most common issues in pets. We work with you and your pet to determine the best strategies to support them. This could look like routines to help them transition from one activity to the next throughout the day or establishing clear boundaries about appropriate behaviour in the home. If your pet struggles with separation anxiety, medication could be an option to help ease feelings of uneasiness. If you need support with your pet’s behavioural issues, please contact us at 403-217-0460.

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