Nutrition Counselling

Wandering down the pet food aisle can be overwhelming, with endless options that all claim to be the best for your loyal companion. Our veterinary team can give you expert advice about the best foods to feed your pet. It’s important to tailor dietary recommendations to your pet’s specific needs to ensure they have a balanced diet. 

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How do I choose the right pet food?

Depending on your pet’s age, breed, weight, allergies and overall health, we’ll help you determine which food is the right fit for their dietary needs. Nutrition counselling allows us to offer your pet personalized nutritional recommendations while considering any gaps in their nutrition, development and general eating habits. Especially for under or overweight pets, nutritional counselling can provide you with insight into the types of food they need to maintain a healthy weight.

What is a common misconception about feeding pets?

A common misconception is that pets from different age groups can be fed the same amount of food. For example, puppies and senior pets are at two completely different developmental levels, which means their nutritional needs are at varying ends of the spectrum. Puppies need a higher caloric intake than seniors to support their growth. This means they need to eat more frequently. If you’re interested in learning more about tailoring your pet’s diet to their specific needs, please contact us at 403-217-0460.

Do you offer specialized food?

Our hospital is fully stocked with highly recommended nutritional supplements and treats. We also offer a variety of exclusive diets to suit your pet’s everyday or special dietary requirements.

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