Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

There are a range of preventable diseases that vaccinations protect your pet against. When kittens are born, they naturally develop immunity against infections while nursing. After they exit the first few weeks of life, it’s important not to leave your pet defenceless against harmful diseases, which can even be fatal. 

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Can my pet opt out of vaccinations?

We highly recommend vaccinations for all pets, whether they spend lots of time roaming freely or inside their home. Core vaccines are necessary to protect your pet against diseases that could potentially be fatal. Kittens start getting vaccinated at 8-weeks old and throughout their adulthood. Most boosters are typically administered each year, but our veterinary team can discuss the variations between vaccines. Non-core vaccines are given to your feline friend if they’re more susceptible to specific diseases based on their needs. We encourage setting up a vaccine protocol for your pet as early as possible by contacting us at 403-217-0460.

Which types of vaccines does my pet need?

There are a few core vaccines your pet should get throughout their lifetime. They can protect against diseases like rabies, a neurological disease which causes brain and spinal issues and can lead to death. Regular vaccination is safe and more effective than treating any of the following diseases: 

  • Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis – causes an upper respiratory infection and pink eye
  • Calicivirus – causes a respiratory infection that ranges in severity 
  • Panleukopenia – kills and rapidly infects cells, especially in kittens 
  • Rabies – contracted through a bite and is often deadly 
  • Feline Leukemia – weakens the immune system severely and is highly recommended for outdoor cats

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